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Custom Shippers

AcuTemp's custom shipping boxes are developed to meet your specific requirements. Sophisticated qualification testing procedures ensure superior hold time performance by verifying thermal properties against ISTA or customer-defined protocols.

·         Superior hold time performance

·         Payloads are delivered at The Right Temperature whether shipped domestically or internationally

·         Valuable payloads are protected longer

·         Lower total cost per shipment

·         Increased payload capacities – ship more product without increasing box size

·         Fewer total shipments made

·         Fewer total number of insulated boxes and coolant used (up to 75% reduction in coolants)

·         Dimensional weights reduced by as much as 50% to 75% 

·         Shipping costs may be reduced by more than 50% 

·         Greater hold times – less expensive shipping methods can be used

·         REPAQTMrequalification and reuse program – reduced per-use costs per box