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Disposable and Lab Instruments

  • Saftey Lancets

    - Vitrex STERIHEEL baby Steriheel Baby lancets are designed for high volume blood flow with ...

  • Diabetic Lancets

    - Vitrex Soft Blood Glucose Lancets. · RANGE OF BLOOD VOLUMES 23, 28, 30and 32G ...

  • Steel Lancet

    - Vitrex Steel Traditional hand held, flat, stainless steel blood lancets for general purpose use. ...

  • Capillary Tubes

    - Micro Hematocrite Tubes VITREX micro-haematocrit tubes are quality products that conform ...

  • Pipettes

    - Vitrex Pipettes Adjustable · FULLY AUTOCLAVABLE:Autoclavable at 121°C or ...

  • Vitrex Saftey Containers

    · VITREX® Safety Containersare designed for hospitals and health care institutions for  ...

  • Vitrex ALcohol Swabs

    · VITREX® Alcohol Swabs are an easy and convenient way to cleanse the skin and help fight ...

  • Vitrex Capillary Dispenser

    · FULLY AUTOCLAVABLE- Autoclavable at 121°C & 15 psi · LOW COST- This miniature ...